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Wait4Call is the first and only app that allows you to listen promotions in the time you wait for a phone call and pays you for it!

You’ll stay updated on the news about the brands and products you are interested in, on the opening of new clubs, activities, events, shows or exhibitions scheduled within a few kilometers. How?

Through advertising spots that you can listen to on the smartphone and review whenever you want inside the app.

Wait4Call does not prolong the waiting time of the call but its fits inside it, the spot stops when the person you are calling answers the phone and you start talking. We check your microphone, if you’re talking at the time you phone, the advertisement spot doesn’t start because you’re obviously engaged in another conversation. Looking for another reason to download our app?

Listening to the commercials of your interest will allow you to earn!
Go to Google Play, downolad the app and find out how.